What motivates me everday?


So what motivates me everyday?  That’s an easy answer… my family.   A couple of decades ago from across a restaurant floor I saw a boy and within the first real conversation we had, I knew I would make him mine.  Only a few years later Danny and I welcomed our first son Lucas.  Lucas loves football, acting, and singing.  We love watching as he continues to explore his passions.    Just three years later, we said hello to son number two Kane.  He loves football, acting, and video games.  Kane is our boy who no matter what always has a way to make each of us smile.  Two years later we welcomed another baby boy.  Drew continues our football crazy family.  Drew is our natural athlete and I am pretty sure he could throw a perfect spiral before he could walk.  But football is not his only talent he is also great on the pitcher mound and loves to sing.   So after three boys Danny and I decided we had to try once more with our fingers crossed it would be a girl.  And much to our surprise we introduced Molly to the world. Molly is a girly girl who loves to sing, dance and is a natural on the gymnastic floor.  She also loves to write, draw and cheer on her brothers while they play football.  

In my free time you can find me in the stands cheering on my boys and the Bothell Cougars or at the gym watching my baby girl flip away.

I am looking forward to sharing some of our stories and great accomplishments in the hopes of you getting to know who I am and what keeps me motivated.