Carkeek Park

Our venture to Carkeek Park was awesome! We came with picnic in hand and ready to explore. It was a great day.   This park is filled with picnic tables, a big green area to play ball or chase, playground, walking trails and of course the beach across the train tracks and bridge.  The beach is a little rocky and water is cold but the drift wood is awesome. We were told today that seals use to always come to this area, we kept our eyes open but didn’t see any. We did however find tons of crabs and clams. We ate lunch and discovered the beauty of the forest and awesome trails. While walking the trail we came across a couple of homes and at that moment I wished we lived there. Surrounded by the water and trees that’s the way to do it. This beautiful place is only 25 minutes away from home and will stay on our list of must go to parks.

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