Bothell Landing Park

Since moving to Washington I have loved exploring and getting to know the area.  So many surprises and off the path finds.  One of these treasures I came across while driving in Downtown Bothell was Bothell Landing Park.  While the construction in Bothell continues with new stores and homes this area showed us a small piece of history within the center of this great park.  I learned about the Beckstrom Log Cabin which was built in 1883 and moved to Bothell Landing sometime in the 1990s.  The home was a one bedroom home that at some point was the home to 16 children.   The next little piece of history was the Lytle House which was built in 1896 and was the home and office for Dr. Elmer Lytle and is one of the oldest houses still standing in Bothell.  They now use this home as the parks and recreation offices   This little bit of history was surrounded by a modern day playground and takes you right to the Sammamish River Trail.  Along the trail was beautiful scenery, ducks, people walking and riding their bikes, they also had work out stations which we took full advantage of.  Finding Bothell Landing may have been an accident but it was an amazing day and my family looks forward to many more visits.

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